Frequently Asked Questions of Advanced Interiors
Is An Appointment Necessary?

An appointment is necessary to select cabinet/layout design and Granite or Quartz but our Main Showroom is open to those who would like to come in to view samples, get design assistance or make selections and you are welcome to stop in! To ensure one-on-one design time, have a large project or would like to view our large selection of remnants, we recommend scheduling a consultation to better give your project the attention it deserves and to avoid wait times as our Granite & Quartz Showroom requires an employee escort for safety reasons. Customers also working with a builder will need to schedule an appointment due to their pre-selected program that our specialized Builder Design Team will have ready for you when you meet.

What Is The Lead Time For Just Materials?

Lead time for materials can vary considerably depending on the interior finish you are ordering and the manufacturer since we are dependent upon our manufacturers availability and lead time, but in general it is 4-6 weeks for cabinets and 10-14 days for flooring, tile and laminate materials, and approximately a week to schedule a countertop template.

Do You Offer Installation?

Advanced Interiors offers installation for flooring and countertops but does not offer it for our cabinets which are typically installed by the customer’s home builder or contractor. We can, however, provide referrals to customers of trusted subcontractors who do install cabinetry.

Can Products Be Returned?

Your product choices will be as individual as you and your selections are based largely on your taste and project size. The ability to custom order all of your products is what separates AI from the ‘big box stores’. Due to the nature of your order being a custom order, products can not be returned and all sales are final.

Do You Offer Delivery?

Yes, we are happy to help you by delivering your products to a location if necessary. Be sure to reach out to your sales person for an estimate on the costs for that.

Is Decorative Hardware Included With Cabinetry?

While it is not included with our cabinetry, decorative hardware is available to purchase

Do You Offer Replacement Door Fronts & Drawer Fronts?

At this time Advanced Interiors does not offer just door or drawer fronts.

Do You Offer Remnants?

Yes! Advanced Interiors offers a large variety of remnants for people to purchase. For the safety of our customers, we do require an appointment to view our slabs or remnants. If you are interested in finding out more about getting a great deal on a quartz or granite remnant, please call our showroom and speak to a member of our sales team for more information!

What Should I Use To Clean My Flooring?

Flooring manufacturers often have their own recommendations on how best to clean and maintain their flooring products. We advise our customers to use products specified on the manufacturer’s website to prevent damage and extend the life of their flooring.

Can You Tell Me The General Process?

The process may look different depending on if you’re a retail customer or working with a builder. For our retail customers, it starts with visiting the showroom. From there, you will select your products, measurements will be taken if needed, the project will get quoted and will need to be accepted. After that, a deposit is paid, material will be ordered and then scheduled for installation. Our builder customers simply need to make an appointment with our Builder Design Team and they will walk you through your process.

Is Payment In Full Required When I Place An Order?

Typically, a 50% deposit is required at the time products are ordered for retail customers. Full payment is due when items are installed or received.

Can I Just Buy Flooring, Cabinets and Counters without Installation From AI?

Absolutely! Our doors are open to the public and we welcome customers who would like to install products themselves or have their own contractor available, as well as individuals who would like us to take care of their entire project.

Is It Really Necessary To Order Extra Material?

While it can seem unnecessary to order extra flooring material, industry standard recommends 5-10% extra material to accommodate for patterns, cuts and angles. Doing so will help avoid problems with dye lot differences which can arise when reordering product later.

What Is The Installation Timeline?

Our incredible sales team not only has direct knowledge about the products you’ve ordered but the estimated time it will take to complete your particular project. We find it best to refer back to their expertise when answering this FAQ because project size, materials, prep and process depend greatly on your specific choices.

How Soon Will My Installation Be Scheduled?

Tom Petty certainly knew what he was talking about when he said ‘waiting is the hardest part’! We know you’re excited to see your beautiful Advanced Interiors products in your home and rest assured we schedule installation to happen as quickly as possible when factoring in material arrival and installer availability while also taking into consideration the scope of the project.

Do You Offer Free Measurements?

Advanced Interiors is happy to provide free measurements for customers who are ordering cabinetry and those who will be utilizing AI’s installation services for other materials sold by Advanced Interiors.

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