Giving Back To West Michigan With Mentor Me

It is a home built with love to help struggling kids  in West Michigan who often face life, without enough of it.

“That is our ultimate goal,” said Mentor Me Founder Todd Ponstein. “To love them, to model Christ for them and when they ask questions, we need to be able to give them answers.”

Mentor Me of West Michigan hires, supports and pays Christian mentors to spend time with and help guide kids from broken homes.

“What do they say,” Ponstein asked.  “They don’t care what you know until they know that you care.  And that takes time and that takes love and they need to know that you can be trusted and that you’re their friend.  And that’s what we do.”

And with more than a dozen West Michigan kids still on a waiting list in need of mentors, Baumann Building heard a calling.

“God calls us,” said Baumann Building President and Founder Mike Baumann.  “He calls us to be able to input, to help others and to walk alongside of others.  That’s one of our great callings at Baumann.  To walk alongside of others and to help other people.”

So for the past six months, they have been answering this calling, by building.  And with the help of Advanced Interiors and numerous other Baumann Building partners, Baumann built this beautiful 2,884 square foot parade home at 7922 Tessa Trail in Hudsonville, with all proceeds to be donated to ‘Mentor Me’.

“Some companies are donating products, some people are donating money.  Some donate some of their time,” Baumann said.

“This is a tangible way that we can help and impact children’s lives,” said Jason Emmert, VP of Sales for Advanced Interiors in Jenison.  “And seeing that Baumann Building is giving 100 percent of the proceeds to Mentor Me, we just knew we had to be involved.”

Advanced Interiors provided the product and installation for all of the hard flooring, carpet, countertops and shower and backsplash tile.  Advanced Interiors also provided the cabinets, which were installed by Dusendang Custom Trim.

“And that’s what was really neat about this project too,” Emmert added.  “We had some larger manufacturers like Wellborn with the cabinetry, that they believed in this and said we want to help with that too.”

And the help went well beyond just the interiors.

“It’s been great,” Baumann said.  “Just to watch a lot of the people that we partner with on a daily basis, help Mentor Me.”

Ponstein added, “When you share the vision with like-minded people, they get excited.  I mean, when I talk to Baumann they get excited.  I was just talking to the concrete guy, he’s excited,” Ponstein said laughing.  “Everybody gets it!”

And soon somebody will get to call this beautiful Baumann new build home while helping so many others along the way.

We hope you’ll stop by on the Parade of Homes and view this love and possibilities. You can learn more about MentorMe of West Michigan and its mission at www.justmentorme.org.

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