About Granite
& Natural Stone

Lavish, elegant, and stunning, Natural Stone Countertops offer a distinctly rich appearance in a timeless form and includes Granite, Marble, Onyx, Soapstone, plus any other natural stone surface.  As one of the oldest and hardest substances on earth, Granite is renowned for both its durability and exquisitely unique appearance.  Once a rare and expensive countertop option, granite has not only gained incredible popularity over the recent years but has become increasingly more affordable to the public. 

As a naturally occurring stone, Granite is formed from igneous rock, making it extremely resistant to stains, heat, cracks and scratches when sealed properly.  Formed from volcanic activity millions of years ago, granite’s mineral compositions create the great variances in its color and patterns that dazzles the eye and exudes luxuriousness.  These variances develop the stone’s natural character, distinguishing it from other granite pieces, with no two slabs the exact same.

Advanced Interiors offers its customers a state of the art granite fabrication facility on site, as well as a team of experienced designers, fabricators and installers. In addition to the samples available at our main showroom, we also provide a Granite Showroom located at 1308 Rosewood St Jenison MI 49428 with hundreds of granite slabs and granite remnants (available by appointment only).  In addition to the knowledgeable designers, experienced fabricators and skilled installers, Advanced Interiors offers a 15 Year Warranty on Granite Sealer!



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