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Beautiful and affordable, Engineered Stone and Quartz countertops have revolutionized the counter scene.Unparalleled in durability and requiring minimal maintenance, it’s no wonder why people are choosing Quartz and Engineered Stone more frequently!  

Among its many advantages, Engineered Stone and Quartz boasts a nonporous surface making them amazingly stain resistant, hygienic and requiring no sealant to protect their surface. Add to its popularity Engineered Stone and Quartz ease of ownership with minimal maintenance, in addition to being acid, scratch and chip resistance.

While Quartz and Engineered counters in the past may have had limited color options, today’s products come in a wide variety of colors and patterns.  Advancements in technology have also made it possible to mimic the natural look and variations of stone, yet creating a stronger, longer lasting countertop.



 Engineered surfaces are made primarily of natural stone which is then mixed with resin binders and color pigment. These surfaces are then made into various patterns resembling the look of natural stone. Due to this, there will be inherent characteristics that are to be expected.

  • COLOR CONSISTENCY – Engineered surfaces are made from natural stone. Variation in stone, color, shape, shade, pattern and size are unique attributes of an engineered surface. Although colors may be more consistent than granite, color variance is an inherent trait to be expected. In addition, small blotches (pooling) or random distribution of particulates are an inherent part of the production process and overall composition and are not considered defects or product nonconformity. It does not affect the performance or durability of the surface and does not warrant replacement.
  • SHADE VARIATION – Shade variation exists in all engineered surfaces. It tends to be more visible in colors that have a marble look with a predominant white background but shading also exists in slabs that are more consistent in color and pattern. It is important to note that this variation will exist within the same slab so it will also exist in multiple slabs seamed together. Shade variation is typically most evident at seams where two pieces come together or at grout joints in tiles. Engineered surfaces are not a seamless material and seams will be visible. Shade variation in color does not affect performance and does not warrant replacement. 
  • TEXTURED SURFACES – Engineered surfaces with a texture other than a polish may be more susceptible to acquiring surface dirt, oil, and fingerprinting on the surface. This is due to the opening of micropores at the very top layer when the textured finish is applied at the factory level. This does not affect the performance or durability of the material however; it may be viewed by some as inconvenient due to additional cleaning that is necessary. It does not warrant replacement and is to be expected.

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